Featured Teacher

Downward Dog | February 2019


You have a background in dance as well as a formal education in education. Can you tell us a bit about that?

I started ballet, jazz and tap lessons at age 3 and began teaching dance classes when I was 15 and taught dance for 10 years. Eventually, I earned a Bachelor of Education and began teaching primary grades in the Ontario school system. I also spent a year teaching English in Korea.

How did you come to yoga?

I started taking yoga classes at a gym and fell in love with the mind/body effects instantly. Soon after, I made the move to Toronto and enrolled in the esteemed Downward Dog Teacher Training program.  I wanted to learn from the best and continue to be inspired by Ron Reid and Marla Joy as well as the many influential teachers at DWD.


Your classes are so intelligently sequenced and balanced. What else can we expect?

When I’m planning classes, I draw from many influences (books, classes I attend, self-practice, to name a few) and try my best to keep them fun and engaging while still making sure that there’s a learning element. I tend to be very descriptive as I find it helps students to remain focused on their movements and stay out of their heads. I also make sure there’s a smooth flow, a balance of strength, flexibility, mobility and mindfulness. Most importantly I want them to leave feeling good.

Any advice for yoga novices?

Start with a beginner class – don’t dive into the deep-end! Listen to your body and try lots of different teachers and styles to find out what you connect with. Have that variety at the beginning and then start to notice who you feel comfortable with and who you are learning from. And always ask questions! Oh, and definitely don’t be intimidated by Mysore classes. They are excellent for both beginners and those who are looking to fine tune their practice. You’ll learn so much about your body and it’s important to develop a practice for yourself.